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Living and Working in Gibraltar

Gibraltar, a British jurisdiction, is a peninsula located off the south coast of southern Spain. Enjoying over 300 days of sunshine per year and the heart of the online gaming industry, Gibraltar is an ideal location for professionals looking to push ahead with their career as well as enjoying an unparalleled lifestyle.



Whether you chose to live in Gibraltar itself or commute from one of the nearby Spanish towns, relocation to this area has so much more to offer than just living in the Sun. Did you know that you can enjoy skiing at one of Europe’s most snow safe resorts just 3 hours drive from Gibraltar? Did you know that Gibraltar is located just 45 minutes from one of the world’s top kite surfing resorts? Did you know that Gibraltar is within a 3 hour radius of over 10 of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations? It is easy to see why many people choose to make this location their permanent home, and with regular flights from Gibraltar, Malaga and Seville it is still very easy and inexpensive to travel home on holiday, or for friends and family to visit.

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The official language of Gibraltar is English, although the majority of Gibraltar residents speak both English and Spanish. Speaking Spanish is not necessary to work in Gibraltar, and many of the nearby Spanish towns are highly populated by English and other European communities, making it easy to integrate. Working in Gibraltar is an excellent opportunity to learn Spanish and there are a variety of language schools and private tutors available in the area.



Accommodation in Gibraltar is similar in price to London and the South East of the UK, but there are a variety of options within Gibraltar itself to suit most budgets. However, due to the low cost accommodation and easy commute, living in Spain is a popular choice for many Gibraltar workers. For more specific information about accommodation in Gibraltar and surrounding areas, please speak to one of our consultants and ask for our relocation guide.

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Money & Tax

The currency in Gibraltar is Sterling and the vast majority of relocator’s will join the “Gross Income Based” tax system. Under this system the amount of tax paid is similar to the UK up to around £40,000, and higher earners will receive significant tax benefits.

  • On salaries up to £25,000 tax remains below 20% with a sliding rate of between £2,000 – £8,000 tax free allowance dependent on income
  • On salaries between £25,000 – £35,000 the maximum tax rate is 20%
  • On salaries between £35,000 – £100,000 the maximum tax rate is 26%
  • On salaries between £100,000 – £353,000 maximum tax rate is 29%, and a sliding scale going down to 5% on any earnings above this amount
  • In Gibraltar there is no National Insurance. However, you do pay Social Insurance of up to £109 per month regardless of whether you live in Spain or Gibraltar.

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For those relocating with families, there are a number of excellent options regarding schools and childcare. The standard of education in Gibraltar is high, and schools are English speaking and follow the same syllabus as in the UK. Class sizes are generally smaller, and schools are known for having friendly, supportive environments. Education is free for families living in Gibraltar, but school fees usually apply for those living in Spain.

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